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School Health

​​​​​​​For curr​ent information and resources for the 2020/21 school year, visit our COVID-19 and Safe Return to School webpage​.

Healthy students learn better. They attend school more regularly, feel better about themselves, and get along better with others. The Northwestern Health Unit offers a variety of school health programming for both students and teachers.

The following services are provided by the health unit in schools. For the 2020/21 school year, essential services such as immunizations, oral health and school nutrition programs, will be offered but may be modified.  Due to COVID-19, some programs will not be available in the 2020/21 school year. 

Cannabis Legalization Information
It is never too early to start talking about cannabis with young people. Learn some ways to start the conversation and where to find curriculum support. 
Contagious Illness in Schools
Learn more about how the health unit works with schools and how an outbreak would be managed.
Comprehensive School Health
Learn how students, parents and school staff can work together to make their school a healthier place to learn, work and play.
Dental health screening and prevention
Learn about the preventive dental services provided to students in schools.
Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping
The use of electronic cigarettes and vaping by students is a fast-growing trend. Learn more about vaping, including the consequences, the law and how the NWHU can support prevention efforts.
Food and tobacco-related inspections
Learn about the inspections done by public health inspectors and tobacco enforcement officers.
Immunization Services
Learn more about how immunizations not only improve the health of each student, but also the overall health of the school population.
Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program (NFVP)
The NFVP is a unique school-based program in Ontario that supplies 2 servings of fresh produce each week to elementary students, with an emphasis on Ontario-grown produce.
Nutrition on Weekends (NOW) Program
The Nutrition on Weekends (NOW) program increases food availability and reduces hunger for children and youth on weekends.
Parent Engagement in Healthy Schools
Parent engagement in healthy schools is connected to better outcomes for students, and healthy children are better prepared to learn. Learn how parents can be involved and ways to engage others.
Physical activity programs
Learn about the programs to help children get active at school.
Sexual and reproductive health services
Learn about the sexual health services provided at high schools in the area.
Student Nutrition Program
Learn about the benefits of meal and snack programs and the Student Nutrition Program. 
Surveys and data collection
Learn what information the health unit collects from school-aged children through school surveys.
You're the Chef
YTC is a cooking program that focuses on increasing vegetable and fruit intake and encourages lifelong healthy eating habits in young people.  Learn more about how the You're the Chef program and how to starting running the program in your school or community.

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