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Camps in Unorganized Territories (Bush Camps)

​Intent to Operate

Camps in unorganized territories, also known as “bush camps”, include:

  • any camp in territory without municipal organization
  • buildings are used to accommodate five or more employees
    • “Buildings” means any building, vehicle or other structure intended to be used for accommodation for employees or for the storage, preparation or serving of food. 
  • employees are hired for labour work (i.e. mining work, lumbering work, etc.)

Anyone planning to open or move a bush camp must complete the Notice of Intent to Operate or Relocate a Camp in Unorganized Territories form and submit it to the Northwestern Health Unit. The NWHU can provide a new camp with a package of information to assist them in meeting the Regulations and notification requirements, or you can download the documents here​. Contact the Northwestern Health Unit and speak to a public health inspector if you have questions regarding the application process.

​Additional permits and licenses may be required from other provincial and municipal departments and agencies.

​Ontario Building Code: Part 8 Forms

​Regulations and Set Fines

Public health inspectors will pursue enforcement actions with powers delegated to them under the Health Protection and Promotion Act O. Reg. 502 Camps in Unorganized Territory.

To view a list of set fines, visit Schedule 41.1 of the Provincial Offences Act (Camps in Unorganized Territory)​