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Health Acts and Regulations

Boards of Health and Medical Officers of Health have many legislative responsibilities. Categories of legislations affecting them include:
  • Provincial acts and regulations devoted exclusively to public health or Board of Health mandates and responsibilities (such as the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Immunization of School Pupils Act).
  • Provincial acts and regulations, not exclusively public health related, where the MOH or the Board of Health has a specified public health responsibility.
  • Provincial acts and regulations where MOHs or Boards of Health are not specifically mentioned, but they have a public health function delegated to them (example, the Smoke-Free Ontario Act).
  • Provincial acts and regulations which apply to the board of health as an employer (example, the Employment Standards Act; Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; Pay Equity Act).
  • Provincial acts and regulations that refer to the responsibilities and rights as medical practitioners, unrelated to their public health functions (example, the Regulated Health Professions Act).
  • Provincial acts and regulations concerning municipalities and their local boards (example, the Municipal Act; Municipal Affairs Act).
  • Provincial acts and regulations that are specific to certain jurisdictions (example, the County of Oxford Act; Regional Municipality of York Act).

List of all Acts and Regulations

You can find a list of all Acts and Regulations that refer to Boards of Health or Medical Officers of Health on the website of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

The pertinent Act and Regulations that are enforceable by the Northwestern Health Unit can be viewed on the Government of Ontario's E-Laws website.